About India News Search (INS)


About India News Search (INS)

Hi everyone and welcome to my INS(India News Search). I always have been requiring from childhood to become such a person who wants to write content about various trending news that is trending all over the world and also I am curious about to know various events, festivals through the internet, television, phone, etc and to write about them.
I am from India and though my first language is Assamese which is a local language of our country but I was quite good in the second language i.e English and thus I've been planning to build a website, write very valuable articles about the trending news topics and also various festivals that happen all over the World.

A Little Story about Me

A statement i.e. '' Successful People are always ready to help others And Unsuccessful People are Always asking how to do this'' fall me to become in a passion by which I want to explore the entire world by its various news, festivals, occasions, etc and to earn money from this passion.

The Whole World has Become complicated to Live independently

In this 21st century, People's life has become so politically, economically, financially complicated that they must have to learn something profitable to people so that he can mix with this niche and by using various ways, he has to earn money to live his life. Now, this is the main question. Because, right now, the world population has become so big that it is very difficult to get a job that may be related to physically or digitally online so that he can earn a lot of money using his strategy.
Thus, I want to help people so that they learn about various news which is happening in India or all over the World and to get valuable knowledge from them and become an updated person with updated knowledge about the whole World.

THE GOAL OF INS(India News Search)

At INS, we want to explore the whole World by its immense variety of news, festivals and to remember them so that The future generation, through this website, learn these things and feel their parent world generation's behavior and activities.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Priyankush Bora! 
A Successful Entrepreneur!